Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Morning all. Here are several photos that I wanted to share with you all. The top is my bargain scrapping stuff from my fav store: Target. Then the big apples that I bought the other day. The candle smells sooooo good! It is Coming Home from Yankee. The rest are photos of my fall decorations. The foyer and dining room. The painting is the Pat Bjornseth that I bought some time ago, of Bete Gris, MI. The cards on the foyer table are from my BFA, I save them for my decorating, the winter ones also. The are displayed on a frog! The frogs I buy at antique shops for small prices. Going to one of my fav antique shops today, and gift-y shop. On Highway 1 (on the way to Kalona) you have to stop at Sister's Garden and Bloomers. Also the Rug Cottage. Then there is another shop along the English River. Never been, but am calling to see if they are open this year. OOPS! I think I just lost the apple photo! Why does that happen???
I will try for that later. BUT in the meantime, check out the Coming Home scent. I got it from the new display at Target. They are also carrying Papryus, something we do not have here in fly-over country.
All from the bush.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My BFA says :more photos, girl!" OK so here are 3 that I found recently. One is our crazy Himilayan names "Gizzmo". We didn't name him! He came to us as a skinny 2 year old. Now he is a fat 7 year old. Can't believe that we have had him that long. The MFA wanted a cat when she lived at home after college. So after days of looking in the ads, her dad said "OK" and we purchased Gizzmo. Or Gizzy, or Mo, as in "you are covered in Mo-hair"
The second photo is the back side our our house in the winter. The bottom photo I downloaded from the site. I am sorry I do not know who took this one, but isn't it just beautiful! It is my fav lake: Lake Superior. I think I know the beach.
One of the paintings in my foyer is of Bette Gris (pronounced bay degree). I found the painting here in town, but I KNEW it was of a Lake Superior shore! Hubby had told me I could buy one painting at this show, I kept coming back to that lovely watercolor. Eventually I asked the artist about the painting and she told me Bette Gris! When you know, you know. Like colors. I am very good at going to the fabric store, forgetting my samples at home and coming home with the exact colors I need. My Grandmother (who died well before I was born, always used to say "back to the bush", that is why I say "All from the bush" Enjoy the photos. me

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today hubby is home to do some home know, when you decide to take apart 2 windows, then go away for the weekend and it you get the pic.  Poor guy.  He ordered a new window, just like I asked him to do first.  Some men it takes them a while to figure out that wife may be correct about some things.  But at least he can do these things, and for that I am so thankful.
Got my hair cut on Monday.  Why do stylists, who are much younger than the client, assume that the client wants a buffont??  No I do not do the '60!  Been there.  Done that!  Thankfully, it looks ok when I do it myself  hehe.
Need to photograph the display that I did at church.  We have a ledge between levels and usually I have a very tall vase and tall grass-like stuff coming out of it, on that ledge.  But with fall, I bought 3 bails of hay (smaller ones) and added the fake pumpkins that I bought last year and a couple of swags of leaves and low and behold it looks nice.  I was able to find a nice vase/grass arrangement from Michael's on Labor Day for the big sale they always have and so that is on the communion table.  Photos really tell the story better.
Got my 2 skirts done and now I am working on getting things organized to go on a sewing retreat this weekend.  I will post those things next week.
My BFA sent me a lovely package of a fall hankie and fall dish towel!  I love it--and of course, a trading card that is too cute.  She is sooo special.  xxoo to Deb.
I took an altered picture frame class a couple of Sat. ago.  Using Tim Holtz's distressing paint and grundge paper.  Never heard of the later and didn't know how to use the former, now I do!  The paint (in a very small bottle!) is 2 steps in one.  With acrylic crackle, you need to paint a base, a color and then the crackle.  With the Ranger Ink, you do a base (on wood or canvas) and then apply the ink/paint and that is all.  The globbier the larger the cracks, the smoother (less) the smaller and finer the cracks.  Does this make sense??  We painted the wood frame, that had already been base-coated and then stamped on the grundge paper.  The paper is almost like a leather, heavy weight and flexible.  You need to use a stayz-on type of ink for stamping  and then  we used the Ranger distress inks to ink the flowers on the paper.  The paper can be manipulated to some degree.  Check this paper out at your better craft store, you have got to feel it.
Well, I have got to do some work in my sewing room.  Soo all for now, dear friends.
me from the bush