Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hello. I have been busy with the MFA who is home. Tomorrow she will play the piano for all of the church services and choir, special in AM and PM services and the offeratory! Boy am I glad she is home! It would be me if she were not.
Here are some new photos, the top two are soem of the things that I bought at 4 Sister's in a Cottage. Amy was not there but her charming daughter was. Amy is having a great sale so I bought these items for aaround $5 total. I would say that is a great deal. I am sure that my friend Deb would think so, too. Got to close this out for tonight.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hi, found some of the photos that I had wanted to put on the blog. These are just 2 of the
alter table decorations that I have done. One is simple, anytime. The other is
for Father's Day. This is a fishing theme. This past father's day, I did a golf theme.
Usually I change the table after the evening service. Sometimes it is hard to do the vertical as
well as the horizontal lines. As you see, no flowers for Father's Day.
Did I just lose a photo???
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Good morning. Here are several photos of the little dresses that I have made recently. This pattern is from a new pattern company called Portobellopixie. This dress reminds me of the dresses that were popular when I was a teen! That peasant dress! Remember?? Those dresses were mostly the same pattern and color, so today's update is fun. I usually go to the store and select a collection of fabrics from one line and then mix and match. The pattern has one other view that I will make for my lovely grand daughter soon, and then make a matching blouse as the view is much like a jumper in the fall and sun dress in the summer. The pattern is pricey ($16.00) but the sizing more than make up for that. It goes from 6 mo. to 8 years.
The top dress is a size 1 and the bottom a 3. The top went to a little girl from our church and the bottom to my lovely granddaughter.
Many of the independent patterns are more expensive than the big 4. However, they would all be expensive if it were not for the 99 cent specials at Hancock Fabrics. The Vogue patterns are very sxpensive. I also like the Burda line and you can find that at Jo-Ann Fabrics.
Today I clean as tthe MFA is going to be home for a week plus. Then we take her back south and visit with the rest of the family. Cool and rainy! Can you believe it is summer? Tomorrow it is supposed to be summer. One day a week........
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Monday, July 20, 2009

threads and serger tails

Good Morning. Got back last night from my great time in Albuquerque. First time I had been there. Two words: HOT and DRY. My roomie, Suzi (a former regional rep with ASG) said I lived in a swamp and wasn't used to the dryness. Well, I don't actually think of Iowa as a swamp, but she might be on to something being the exact opposite of NM. My luggage is supposed to arrive sometime today! The perils of 3 stops! Well, I am off to chime practice and will most likely update then. No new photos, forgot the camera! But being an English Major (I belong to the Society of English Majors, listen to Garrison on Sat. nights) I should be able to write so exquisitely that you will get the picture, so to speak....later

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello, The photo on the bottom is the one deleted (who knows why!) from the blog yesterday. Lilly is 3
and a princess, don't you agree?
The other photos are of our daughter, the MFA in piano, Emily and her Rag Doll cat,
named Arwin. Arwin is my next oldest grandchild! She is 4 and I haven't met her yet.
Will do so in a couple of weeks.
Getting myself together to fly out to Albuquerque , got some sewing and packing to do.
All for today.
Hope everyone had a blessed time in God's house and with His own today.
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

These photos were taken last December at our son's house. This is our lovely daughter, the MFA in piano! The next photo is of our lovely little 3 year old granddaughter and below her photo is her dad . I am only 5'2" and he is 6'3"! The final photo is of the note that I received one morning when I went to Weight Watcher's. Hubby had dropped it off the day before! This was the final clue to where we were going to spend our anniversary in June. I will have to put this under "random thoughts!" as this is just what this is.
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Here we are in Galene at Durty Gurt's
View from the top of a ski run on the Mississippi from Galena .

Jim Post as Mark Twain. He was really good!

Our strawberries were very good this year.
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Today it is raining but then an opportunity to shop or sew--or both!
Later I will try to get some photos uploaded. The reader has to know that I was born in the last century and before you could hold a computer on your lap, let alone your desk! I was always going to take one of those computer classes, but haven't--as yet. I never did one of those lists to the things one is going to do before they turn 50. Way too late for me on that one. One of my 4 sisters did that and I think she completed most of her list.
Next week I am off to Albuquerque, a city that I have never been before. I leave really early on Tues morning and will be back home late Sunday night. American Sewing Guild is holding the national convention there and as president of our local chapter the chapter pays for the president to attend. I am so very fortunate for this to happen and I work hard to deserve this gift. So, with that being said, I will not update my blog next week. You see, I don't have a laptop and I really don't trust public computers with passwords--and neither should you!
Thank you for reading my blog.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello, At long last a blog! My bestest friend in the whole world told me "you need to blog!" So now I am on that cyberspace-ship along with those cool gals that blog!
I plan to create a blog devoted to "the arts". One of those being photos of the displays that I do for our church. Mostly I just do the front communion table and I hope this is a help for those that do this sort of thing at their church. Mostly for the smaller church with not a great deal of room for huge and expensive displays, but pretty and budget minded. Sometimes I bring things from home and I will mention where I get all of the stuff. I will also include things that I have sewn for myself or for granddaughter, daughter and daughter-in-law.
I also belong to the American Sewing Guild and hope to have visitors from that group.
Well, I best get this posted.
Thanks for reading....I hope you can come back often.
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