Saturday, December 18, 2010

trip south continued

This is my new McMansion! Not! Seriously, you might recognize this as one of America's finest mansions. It is, of course, Builtmore of Ashville, NC. Originally the home of George Vanderbuilt, now a museum but still owned by the Vanderbuilt family. It was all decorated for Christmas and just amazingly beautiful. Several of the rooms were not open to the public, rooms that Jerry and I saw about 2 years ago when we went through in January. Emily, the MFA, is a "card holder" so I got in at a better price, $10 off. It was overcast and a warm 70-ish when we left Greenville, only to arrive in Ashville to 56 degrees and rain! We walked from the parking lot to the house, then all through the house and decided to take the shuttle back up to the parking lot, as it was coming down pretty good. We then had dinner in Ashville, then home to Greenville. The next day, we had to get up early to travel to Charlotte NC to catch the 6:30AM! flight. That flight took me to Atlanta, for a 2 hour layover til the flight out to Moline. Then home in freezing drizzle --what fun!. It was good to be home and have Thanksgiving at the home of some friends from church. Although I did miss being with family. Well, enjoy these pics. All from the bush ME
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Trip South

Good Morning: At least it is morning at this time of writing---er, typing. Here are some photos from my recent (before Thanksgiving) trip to the warmer south. At this typing, however, the south is almost as cold as the north! Well, not exactly, but close. I have a couple of cute photos of my lovely granddaughter, Lilly. She is 4. I tried to get a photo of her brother, but ended up with videos instead. Just can't read those little settings--the digital camera I use has a switch and pictures of where that switch should be switched to, all in BLACK!! How is one to "read" that! Lilly and family live outside Atlanta. The joke about Atlanta is that when the Lord comes to call us home, we will all have to go through Atlanta first! From Atlanta I took the train to Greenville. OK, just to let you know about the times of this trip, here goes: Wed I left the house at 3:30 AM! to catch the 6:30 AM out of Moline, IL
Moline is a cheaper airport, however, it an hour and 3/4 away. So I get to Atlanta airport around local time 10:30-ish. Get picked up around 11:30. Then go to the school where Drew teaches and Landon, who is in K-5 are. Stefani is also subbing that day so Lilly is with her. I go to Landon's class--all 4 of them--should have taken a pic! They are sooo cute. One little girl looks just like the Disney's cartoon of Tinkerbelle! No lie! She is just adorable--and tiny! Just like Tinkerbelle. So we leave the school (after going to lunch twice!--only eating and are home for a couple of hours, then take off to meet some people from Drew's church for the before church on Wed night dinner. Zaxby's has this special for kids meals on Wed nights. Then we go to church, then home and chat for a while.....finely getting to bed after 10PM! Got up early to make sure I see Landon before school. Stef is So organized! Landon knows exactly what he is wearing everyday as she has his daily clothes in separate bins. It helps that the school requires uniforms, which are very nice. Landon looks great in red, with his
white blond hair and big blue eyes. Then Stef went to school to sub and Lilly and I played outside and I picked leaves (sorry no pic) much to Lilly's horror! How dare I do that! Then, after lunch Lilly and I went to school to watch the high school do their choir, band, speech competition. Then home and out to Olive Garden for dinner and then to the train station. Here is a pic of the Atlanta train station. Reminded me of an old movie. Left Atlanta by train around 9-ish. Got to Greenville at midnight.
But was greeted by a sweet and lively 2nd child, the MFA. I will close, but add more pic.
All from the bush
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall, 2010

Hi all, hope this fall been for you all. Here in the upper midwest, it has been beautiful. Oh, except for the HAIL!! Had a horrible hailstorm about a month back. Our house got hit badly, but Husband says we will repair the damage in the spring. I am surprised it didn't break the glass table and the windows, as it damaged some of the window screens.
The first pic is of the chandelier that I got at Amy's Four Sister's In A Cottage. Had been eyeballing the chandeliers that she has in her shop for some time, when she had her sale I scooped this one. It is pink! It hangs above the MFA's grand piano and looks beautiful.
I made a covering for the wire. You can see the shadow on the wall of the crystals sparkling. It really is a fun light fixture and will go with me to the retirement cottage, whenever that will happen. The bottom pics are of the cards I made at the local scrapbook/stamp store. We have ONE in our town....besides Michaels. This is locally owned and really fun. We were to make a dozen cards in 2 hours, but that is wishful thinking. I think I finished around 9 or 10 of them in 2.5 hours. Husband has taken a new job. Yes! Changing jobs at his ripe old age (60); and here I thought we would be in the retirement cottage in about 3 years, now it looks more like 5 plus. There are some things that I am not sure I can stand for that long. The BFA knows exactly what I mean. But God knows all about the future as He holds it in His hands. I just need to trust and obey.
I am planning a short trip to visit the MFA and the grands, taking the AmTrac between the two cities, which should be an adventure and fun. Flying into Atlanta via Moline, Il, then back to Moline from Charlotte, NC. Hubby can't take the time as yet, plus he has plans for his Christmas plant shutdown.....more of that later. I know I took a pic of some things that I have been sewing and actually finishing! Will try to get those up later. Remember it is not what we have done, but what Christ alone is doing in and thru us. Later, dear readers.
ALl from the bush.
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Friday, September 24, 2010

What we did this summer

Nothing like summer pictures when the temps are, at least today, more like late fall than early fall, end of summer. These are the lovely grands at the pool. This pool is in the gated community where their other Grandparents live. Yes, the kids get to have one set of grandparents locally. Landon started school this fall (actually early August!). Still loves school. Told us that his favorite subject is lunch. We also asked him what he did his first day of school. Answer: we had recess, nap time and lunch. So much for the full day at school. His class is very small, only 4 kids. Miss Lilly misses her brother, but I think she has a great time with being with Mom alone. Althought that will change in Feburary when they welcome another little being into the family. The MFA wanted more pics, so here they are girlfriend. This is the girl that stops traffic when she jogs! She is training for an 8K coming up in a couple of weeks. She is busy with her piano teaching job--with 33 students--and part-time AnnTaylorLoft job and pet sitting. If you live in Greenville and see a lovely blonde in a beautiful blue Toy Solara, that could very well be her. She is in the lower pic, with Landon and me. I have yet to get a really great haircut. Do I hear an Amen! This last one was at a good salon, I believe I will go back--the head rub and shouldar rub is worth it!
But the cut hasn't worked out. Thin hair is tricky. Not like the easy to do thick hair. That is no big deal--cut style Voila! BUT thin hair is a challenge and I don't know a lot of stylists that like a challenge. And I don't know a lot of stylists that actually know what to dowith thin hair. All of the books on hair show models with THICK hair! There should be a book with models that have thin hair. Maybe they are hard to find. Sigh. I trust that you, dear reader, will have a terrific day. Psalm 30:1 I will extol thee, O Lord; for Thou hast lifed me up, and hast made my foes to rejoice over me.
All from the bush.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

summer 2010

I sure hope this works! The last few times I tried to send pics, the program failed. So
here are some great shots of the summer. Just try and guess which foot is mine?! We had
a whirwind July: a trip to Atlanta (the photos) a trip to Omaha to see friends and a trip UP
north to be with family (and to avoid a certain wedding) .
News of the family: the MFA bought a sweet car in June, a Toyota Solara, rag top. Way too
cool. I want one! Well, actually I will take a VW one, lime green.....
Daughter in law is expecting, in Feb (my birthday month!) and Lilly is none too happy about this event, Son thinks she thinks that she will be left out somehow.
Hey, don't you love the earrings in the middle pic? They are Junk Jewelry, a little heavy so I don't wear them much. Well, I am going to post this. You all have a great day. This is the day that the Lord has made, we are to rejoice in it. Go and rejoice.
All from the bush

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June is here

Hello.  I know that I haven't blogged for a while.  I am still having photo issues!  I will try something new and see if that works out.  If you actually see photos on the side bar, then you know it all worked and you will have to read the last post to find out what the photos are.  However, if you are lazy and don't want to do that, they are photos of our trip in May to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, UP for short.
Got some sewing done for the MFA.  She loved the Amy Butler Tunic top and fabric flower, and the fabric I chose, also Amy Butler.  The top was lined!  Who does that anymore--really good designers and couture sewers!  Not that I am any of these. 
I spent much of May sick with shingles!  All I can say is: I feel your pain!  If ever you have had this condition, it is just plain painful, and all on one side.  For me it was from mid rib-cage to knee on the left side.  Ouch!  But, PTL, it is gone.  My dental tech told me to throw away the toothbrush I was using and grab a new one, so I have done that.  Oh, MFA bought a 2006 Toyota Solaira, blue with tan top and leather, GPS,  nearly mint condition!  Hey, she is young and single.  Maybe it will be a man-magnet!  She will hate me saying this.   We are fussy, hope it attracts the right one.....
All from the bush


Boy, I sure hope this works. I have been having trouble posting pics! These are photos
of our trip to the UP in May. And here it is June.
I had been sick with, of all things, shingles. If anyone has had them, it is just
horrible pain and on one side only! Thankfully, it was a mild case, lasting about
4 weeks and just a lot of pain! Been busy with sewing projects and am making
2 maternity tops from my new favorite Kwick-Sew pattern and some knit that I had looming around. I made up the Amy Butler pattern and fabric, a tunic, for the MFA and she loved it! One for the Mom. Oh, the MFA has a new car: a blue Solara with tan rag top and leather seats. She called and said it was 100 degrees in Greenville on Monday (the 14th) and too hot to put the top down. This midwesterner feels so sorry for her. All it has been doing is raining!
Well, have got to go and pick berries. Our patch is so sad this year, but we do get a few.
from the bush

Sunday, May 30, 2010

May in Michigan

At long last, I do hope these photos will go to the blog! As last post, here are some
photos that we took around Mother's Day when we took a short trip to the Upper
Peninsula. For those that don't know, this is
the upper part of Michigan.
ALong Lake Superior. A most beautiful lake. And snow, as it was very cold.
These pics don't show just how cold, but it was around 40 degrees and by afternoon
it was warmer.
Ran into a gal that I had graduated high school with, so last century! But she is
still the fun gal she always was in high school.
All from the bush

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May trips

Well, I have tried 2 times to post some photos of our trip Up North.  But for some reason, Picasa would not let me do both: blog and send pics.  So, I will tell you that we had snow.  Yes, not a lot but enough to see and the day before Mother's Day.  I had a good Mom's day, spent this with my youngest sister and 2 nieces and the great niece, who is a cutie.  She will be a year old in a couple of months and has figured out that if there is a camera or cell phone near her face, smile.  I also have some photos of the great view from Brockway Mountain drive.  This 2 lane road is badly kept, but when you get to the top, wow what a view.  You can see forever!  You cannot see to Canada because of the curvature of the earth, but you can see almost to Minnesota, and for certain Isle Royal.  It was very cold and windy, cold being around 45-48 degrees.  Lake Superior had huge white caps and it was all so beautiful.
Spent some time going over family history with my cousin, who lives a stones throw from the lake and her view to the lake is beautiful, too.
Need to get off to hem a skirt for a teen from church.  She is going to get a lesson in doing this herself!  I don't go to college with kids, been there, done that.  Have a great day, by dear blooging readers.
All from the bush

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Wow, this is the 2nd time that I will be writing this. Would I learn to "save as draft"? I
guess not. So I will try to recreate what I just wrote 2 minutes ago!
Welcome to my blog, sweet reader. Hope you are all having a wonderful day.
Just some photos of our trip to Calumet, MI for Mother's Day weekend.
The first photo is of SNOW! Might I remind you, dear reader, that this is
MAY. However, it is northern Michigan and anything can happen....and does.
The next 2 photos are of Lake Superior, the bottom one being the view from the
lonely Brockway Mountain Drive. This road is a poorly maintained--this is
Michigan, after all--a two lane road with an amazing, breath-taking view of the
landscape. At the top you are rewarded with a view of Lake Superior that reminds
you why it is named Superior. On a clear day (you can see forever....) you can see
Isle Royal, which is nearer Minnesota than Michigan.
Speaking of Isle Royal, my niece works on one of the boats that sails from
Houghton, MI to the Island during the summer. Her Grandpa would have been so
pround of her, amazed I am sure as the sailing bug bit the girl and not both boys
of my sister's family. Altho one of her boys is a sailor, too, down on the Mississippi.
Been busy with some sewing projects: an Amy Butler pattern and fab for
the MFA. Hemming a long skirt for a teen, who needs it next week! And a
pair of jeans for a tiny lady, got those done last week.
Need to make a coupld of tops for a gal @ church and just finished a couple of
nursing covers for one gal @ church and one gal on deputation.
Plus I have to get the ASG newsletter out this next week! Busy.
Well, I trust you will enjoy these photos. I will tell you it was around 45 degrees....
and windy, hence the white caps.
All from the bush.
Thought you might like to see SNOW in May! Yes. We went to Calumet, MI for Mother's
Day weekend, and were greeted with snow on Sat. morning.
Here is a photo of the snow-in-the-woods on the way to Copper Harbor.
Next photo is of Lake Superior and the last photo of the view of the lake, looking
north (I think!) from the Brockway Mountain Drive. This road is a poorly
maintained 2 lane--I remind you, this is in Michigan, but the view is amazing.
It has been some time since I was on this drive and it is truly breath-taking.
The mountain is some 12,000 feet above sea level, or maybe more. I didn't
take a photo of the large wooden just-the-facts-board, and a little history
of the area.
Been busy with sewing projects, trying to finish up a blouse for my MFA, a pillowcase
for the granddaughter, made 2 nursing privacy "tents". They are not tents, but
a cotton double sided blanket with boning in the top and it ties around the
neck. It is a Kwik-Sew pattern.
The blouse and fab for MFA is Amy Butler.
Also, I will be making 1-2 maternity tops --NOT for me!--for a little gal from church.
I do enjoy this, plus I am working on heming a skirt for a teen from church. The teens
don't have a prom, but a fancy dinner and so get dressed up. The girls browse the
2nd hand shops for fun dresses--modesty is important, so it can be a challenge in this
show it all times.
Well, got to get to the laundry! Hey, you can check things out on the Facebook
page that I created a couple of years ago. I dropped it for a time and now I am back.
Take care, sweet readers.
All from the bush

Monday, May 3, 2010

A New month

Good morning.  Thought I would change things up a bit.  Here it is May already.  In March I was sick for 2 weeks, just a really bad cold.  I honestly do not know what happened to April.  We did get spring and I have been busy with company for our missions conference held the end of April.  We hosted a lovely young couple living in South Carolina and on deputation to serve the Lord in Uraguay.  The lady was raised on this mission field, and her husband on another mission field.  A very sweet couple.  He has a cousin that lives and works in Kohler, WI and is coming to IA to work in the Bochner chocolate factory.  I said that she could come and stay with us until she finds a place to live, and she can pay me in chocolate--even broken chocolate.  I sent my BFA some of this chocolate, the best.  We will be heading up north the end of the week for just a few days.  See the gaves, and the ones still living.  Sounds morbid, but it isn't.  May in the UP!  Bring my winter coat!  Oh, I forgot to let you know that I went ot a wonderful ladies retreat hosted by Morningside Baptist in Rockford, IL.  Ran into several ladies that I know and so that was fun.  The speakers were Elizabeth George!  Yes, she is wonderful!  And Holly Stratton, the wife of the president of Clearwater Baptist Bible College in Clearwater FL.  Total opposits!  But great lessons from each of these Godly women.  Mrs George is such a humble lady, a great speaker and a wonderful author.  Do check your local Christian book store for any of her titles.   "A Woman after God's Own Heart" for starters.  I picked up her title on being a meek and quiet sprit, something I struggle with. Being a prophet, I see things in balck and white.  I tend to be very intuitive.  If I say anything to anyone at my local church, I am met with "are you bitter?" or "you are reading into things/"  Needless to say, I am not understood, and so it is with most prophets. So I generally don't share my thoughts, but sometimes I don't listen to my instincts and let it all out!  Mistake! 
I will try to get some new pics up, but I think I will have more from our trip.
Later ladies, have a truly blessed day.  And remember: Whatsoever things are true, think on these things.
All from the bush.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Good morning: It has been a short time since I blogged.  Is that a verb??  I wonder what they are teaching in college English these days.  Our language, always changing.  My dear sweet MFA spent a little over a week with us, in the north: cold, snow!  But she had a great time visiting her firneds and her parents.  She is fun to have a round and is missed.  Spent 2 days trying to get myself together after she left.  Maybe just lazy, but I forgot some things that are of import, but not neccessary.
Just sewed up an outfit for a little gal at our church who is expecting their 2nd child.  She told me that her old maternity clothes didn't fit, not that she has gained wieght, actually has lost weight!  Ah, but we know that scenerio.  So I made her 2 tops from some great knits, one from Hancock Fabrics, from a newer Kwick Sew pattern.  Then I made her a skirt as she was tired of wearing the black one all of the time.  When you know your weight is going to be different for only about 6 months, then it is hard to justify buying all kinds of new outfits.  Hey don't we do that anyway!!??   Then I have to finsih a purse for a friend, sew up some really pretty silk dupiona that I got at Hancock Fabrics.  This yardage is for a dress for Little Lilly who will be 4 in April, just before Easter.  So I have to get that made up and sent.  Then Dear Hubby wants to have a lunch bag that is insulated....sounds like another project.  With all of this on the sewing table, what am I doing here? 
All from the bush.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What! Feb. already?

Wow, where did January go? The MFA had another birthday, as did dear hubby. Here are some photos from our trip to South Carolina in December. The top is my tree, w/o the flash. It really did turn out very nice this year. We had a real tree, I love real trees. I suppose someday we will get a fake one. The next photo is driving back from SC, the mountains and the snow--the little bit they get. I think the next one is of dear hubby and me with his new truck, the real reason we went to SC.
Then, the communion table at church with the really nice fake pointsettia. Several people asked me where I got it and they were very suprised when I said "Michaels". The table has a sheer drap with twinkle lights underneath. You need a close source of power when you put lights on the table like that. This year (at church) I did simple and elegant. But of course.
OK since it is now Feb. , that means it is MY birthday month. And BFA came through once again remembering the event with a lovely box of goodies, including a wonderful tea cozy. Along with a small box of Abduluah's chocolates (yummy!), several altered art (at least in my mind) items and her wonderful ACT's, they go right on the 'fridge! Napkins, the tea spoon, which went up on the china cab. This year dear hubby surprised me with a party on the 4th. Since the 3rd was a Wed and we have church, we did not go out to eat. So he told me we were going out on Thurs. I was looking forward to going to eith the Red Avacado or the Linn St. Cafe. Mostly I just like the names! But, just 5 minutes before we were to "leave the house" the door bell rang and there stood 5 gals from our church. He served us pizza and cheesy bread and then Dairy Queen ice cream cake. He had 3 games, all of which were the kind that I had to guess at something about the 5 gals that came....
I did ok, and they got prizes--which he bought himself! The big gift was a gift card to a local stamping/scrapbooking shop that also offers classes. I did get another gift card to my fav coffee shop: Witt's End. All in all, I had a great birthday. The gift box from Mpls is always the most special, though (and not just 'cause you read this blog, either).
Well, this is all for today. Go worship and rest, as this is Sunday.
I have been reading Sarah Palin's book and so the scripture for this day is :Prov. 21: 1 The King's heart is in the had of the Lord, as the rivers of water: He turneth it whithersoever He will. Pray for our country.
All from the bush.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the new year

I trust that all had a great Christmas season. Goes fast. We took another trip down south, this time to Greenville, SC to be with Emily. We had Christmas with her and Christmas dinner with some of her friends, duck with dark cherry sauce...really yummy. On Christmas Eve, Emily played the keyboard and led a string group in Christmas singing at a Presbyterian church in Simpsonville. There were readings from Scripture inbetween the traditional Christmas songs. Emily did a great job and we are so proud of her and the talents that God has given to her.
I do not have the photos uploaded from that trip and the house decked out for Christmas, thought that hubby had done that, but will get that done soon. Here are some photos from the week before Thanksgiving when were in Atlanta. Are not these the cutest grands you have ever seen....of course, they are not your cutest-grands-you-have-ever-seen....
Oh, forgot to tell you the REAL reason we went south: Hubby picked up a white Toyota Tacoma, 2007--no rust! Drove it back to salt-n-sand country and it is a nice truck, will serve him for many years I am sure.
All from the bush

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