Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall, 2010

Hi all, hope this fall been for you all. Here in the upper midwest, it has been beautiful. Oh, except for the HAIL!! Had a horrible hailstorm about a month back. Our house got hit badly, but Husband says we will repair the damage in the spring. I am surprised it didn't break the glass table and the windows, as it damaged some of the window screens.
The first pic is of the chandelier that I got at Amy's Four Sister's In A Cottage. Had been eyeballing the chandeliers that she has in her shop for some time, when she had her sale I scooped this one. It is pink! It hangs above the MFA's grand piano and looks beautiful.
I made a covering for the wire. You can see the shadow on the wall of the crystals sparkling. It really is a fun light fixture and will go with me to the retirement cottage, whenever that will happen. The bottom pics are of the cards I made at the local scrapbook/stamp store. We have ONE in our town....besides Michaels. This is locally owned and really fun. We were to make a dozen cards in 2 hours, but that is wishful thinking. I think I finished around 9 or 10 of them in 2.5 hours. Husband has taken a new job. Yes! Changing jobs at his ripe old age (60); and here I thought we would be in the retirement cottage in about 3 years, now it looks more like 5 plus. There are some things that I am not sure I can stand for that long. The BFA knows exactly what I mean. But God knows all about the future as He holds it in His hands. I just need to trust and obey.
I am planning a short trip to visit the MFA and the grands, taking the AmTrac between the two cities, which should be an adventure and fun. Flying into Atlanta via Moline, Il, then back to Moline from Charlotte, NC. Hubby can't take the time as yet, plus he has plans for his Christmas plant shutdown.....more of that later. I know I took a pic of some things that I have been sewing and actually finishing! Will try to get those up later. Remember it is not what we have done, but what Christ alone is doing in and thru us. Later, dear readers.
ALl from the bush.
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