Sunday, August 30, 2009

on-line once more

Good afternoon. Yes, I am finally getting back to the computer after a LONG dry spell. This is the story (and isn't there always one): the day before we left to take the MFA to Greenville, I turned on the computer and voila a blue screen. This blue screen was a new thing to me and I figured out quickly that is was a bad thing. I at first thought that it was due to a virus, or something that hubby had done as he had been working on the MFA's rather sick computer. Come to find out, it was "just" a bad drive and this drive wouldn't read anything. Now, what I truly know about computers and the hows and whys of these things you can put on the head of a pin, so I won't bore you with details, just this: This working on getting it fixed cost a bit, more than a song in my estimation. However, it is mostly fixed. The BAD news is no Picasa program ie no photos!! And I wanted to show off the grands and how cute they are. I will have to wait on that. ARGGG!!!! OK, on to more pressing matters. We are OK. The rain (over 6" in 2 days) didn't affect us, just a bit of traveling around the flooded creeks...and the constant rain. It is cooler today, but the Lord is good to us is He not? Do I have a witness? Ps 118:1 O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: because His mercy endureth for ever. Wow.
All from the bush. (My Grandmother Bergh used to say that)