Friday, September 24, 2010

What we did this summer

Nothing like summer pictures when the temps are, at least today, more like late fall than early fall, end of summer. These are the lovely grands at the pool. This pool is in the gated community where their other Grandparents live. Yes, the kids get to have one set of grandparents locally. Landon started school this fall (actually early August!). Still loves school. Told us that his favorite subject is lunch. We also asked him what he did his first day of school. Answer: we had recess, nap time and lunch. So much for the full day at school. His class is very small, only 4 kids. Miss Lilly misses her brother, but I think she has a great time with being with Mom alone. Althought that will change in Feburary when they welcome another little being into the family. The MFA wanted more pics, so here they are girlfriend. This is the girl that stops traffic when she jogs! She is training for an 8K coming up in a couple of weeks. She is busy with her piano teaching job--with 33 students--and part-time AnnTaylorLoft job and pet sitting. If you live in Greenville and see a lovely blonde in a beautiful blue Toy Solara, that could very well be her. She is in the lower pic, with Landon and me. I have yet to get a really great haircut. Do I hear an Amen! This last one was at a good salon, I believe I will go back--the head rub and shouldar rub is worth it!
But the cut hasn't worked out. Thin hair is tricky. Not like the easy to do thick hair. That is no big deal--cut style Voila! BUT thin hair is a challenge and I don't know a lot of stylists that like a challenge. And I don't know a lot of stylists that actually know what to dowith thin hair. All of the books on hair show models with THICK hair! There should be a book with models that have thin hair. Maybe they are hard to find. Sigh. I trust that you, dear reader, will have a terrific day. Psalm 30:1 I will extol thee, O Lord; for Thou hast lifed me up, and hast made my foes to rejoice over me.
All from the bush.

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