Wednesday, November 4, 2009

fall # 2

Hello! Hopefully the pics will hold today! Here are the apples, some fabric with the patterns that will

get sewn and a velvette shrug I made for a 10 year old and yours truly with a Vogue, Marcy Tilton

pattern and some cheap knit
. I hope to make this out of some better knit as it is a fun top, most edges are raw
edge. I have a sister, who also is a quilter, who detests raw edges!
We are going to be going down to Georgia and South Carolina to visit the grands and the MFA.
Both visits will be all too short, especiall with the MFA as we will be sharing the time with her with others.
There was a small group of people who came down a year ago to help rebuild a house in the flood-ridden village
of Palo. The town of Cedar Rapids had been hit badly (and we are still recovering from) by flooding in June, 2008
Anything along the Cedar River got flooded, and Palo was basically under water. At any rate, this group will be
gathering for dinner and we will be there, too. Hopefully the MFA will not have to work!
Oh, also, I got new glasses. No one has noticed.....even hubby took a long time to figure out what was different
and he knew I was getting new glasses! I am so vain! BFA would notice, I just know!
OOPS, I just noticed tha the foyer pic is not in the group, I will have to get that to you all yet.
the bush, me
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