Friday, February 18, 2011

New, newer and old

Good day ya'll. Thought I would post some of the MFA's friends from church. The lovely ladies are in the kitchen working hard at cleaning up, perhaps hamming it up, more than likely. At the MFA's church, they have Sunday School, church, eat lunch together and then have a afternoon service. MFA spent a lot of time looking for the "right" church. One time she called and said she had to get up early for church. I asked her why she was going to such an early service, she answered, because it was less crowded. Being from the mid-west, Iowa where the "good" churches are much smaller than the "good" churches in the south. She was looking for that smaller church, like back at "home". She found one. But the drive is 45 minutes, hence the shorter day.
This little princess is my Lilly. She became a big sister on Jan 29th. Her little Liam was 7#13 and 19". He was almost 3 weeks early, so had to spend some time in the hospital. He is now home and doing well, gaining weight, up over the 8# mark. Told my daughter-in-law that he was up to his "real birth" weight, as opposed to the actual birth weight.
I have not as yet been to see Liam, as I think I told you hubby changed jobs and doesn't have any vacation.
The cost of flight is up, too. So we will see when i get to go down again. I told this when I
was down visiting just before Thanksgiving. I guess she is a great help to her Mom, and Landon
tells Liam all about his day at school. This little guy loves to read. I sent down a package
that included a book for Landon to read to his siblings.
Warm today, in the mid 40's and this is Feb! All of the snow is gone, and we had a lot.
Well, I need to close for today.
Keep walking with the Lord, all the way. Trusting His word.
All from the bush
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