Monday, June 13, 2011


Well here it is June already.  I tried to post with some pictures lately, but with no success.  So I will ramble a bit.  I am attending a great church.  I love the preaching there.  I come home so uplifted and yet I know I need to work on so many areas of my life.  Hubby's Sunday School is studying Transforming Grace.  That is a convicting book, and so filled with hope and grace.  I know that his church will put their spin on it and I am praying that the book will reach the reader and filter out the Keswick theology that the lesson will be sprinkled.  If you do not know what Keswick Theology is, just Google it and read the article from A Time To Laugh blog, it is pretty clear.
OK on to more lighter stuff.  Am sewing like a banshee!  Trying to get some things done...actually, I should be cleaning as the MFA will be home for a short week Wed to Wed.  She is a maid of honor at a friend's wedding and I am working on a dress for her.  In the mean time, I a helping a young gal with a quilting project.  Some of you reading this know that I do not quilt!  However, I always pick up the quilt magazines, if there is a cute quilt or bag or project on the cover.  She picked out a rather challenging quilt, but thankfully it is small.  We are going to Amsterdam for a week and visiting Hubby's relations for a week, doing the countryside.  So I have a few projects that need to be finished as well as started....I always do this to myself.  I procrastinate to the nth degree!  So with that dear reader, I will bid you have a great day.  Read something from God's word today.  Sing a real hymn, you know, from the front of the hymnal, not a gospel song....a real hymn.
From the bush