Monday, August 23, 2010

summer 2010

I sure hope this works! The last few times I tried to send pics, the program failed. So
here are some great shots of the summer. Just try and guess which foot is mine?! We had
a whirwind July: a trip to Atlanta (the photos) a trip to Omaha to see friends and a trip UP
north to be with family (and to avoid a certain wedding) .
News of the family: the MFA bought a sweet car in June, a Toyota Solara, rag top. Way too
cool. I want one! Well, actually I will take a VW one, lime green.....
Daughter in law is expecting, in Feb (my birthday month!) and Lilly is none too happy about this event, Son thinks she thinks that she will be left out somehow.
Hey, don't you love the earrings in the middle pic? They are Junk Jewelry, a little heavy so I don't wear them much. Well, I am going to post this. You all have a great day. This is the day that the Lord has made, we are to rejoice in it. Go and rejoice.
All from the bush

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