Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photos from last summer.

 I guess I am stuck in a rut.  Here are some photos from last summer's trip to the Netherlands.  Then top pic is taken at a bar--cafe in the morning.  We had hot tea in glass glasses w/o handles!  Plus a biscuit.  The next photo is of Hubby's Tante who is 94.  Still in her own place.  A high rise on the 20 something floor!
The last photo is of Hubby's cousin and his wife with me and the lovely MFA.
She is beautiful, don't you think?
What are your plans for Easter?  I have none.  I am having surgery on the 5th, so will be recouping with no plans for  a big to-do.  Hubby will go to his church and I will stay home.
To my BFFA:  Hummmm.  I haven't got anything togehter for a birthday box, it may be very late.
All for now.
From the bush

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