Sunday, August 30, 2009

on-line once more

Good afternoon. Yes, I am finally getting back to the computer after a LONG dry spell. This is the story (and isn't there always one): the day before we left to take the MFA to Greenville, I turned on the computer and voila a blue screen. This blue screen was a new thing to me and I figured out quickly that is was a bad thing. I at first thought that it was due to a virus, or something that hubby had done as he had been working on the MFA's rather sick computer. Come to find out, it was "just" a bad drive and this drive wouldn't read anything. Now, what I truly know about computers and the hows and whys of these things you can put on the head of a pin, so I won't bore you with details, just this: This working on getting it fixed cost a bit, more than a song in my estimation. However, it is mostly fixed. The BAD news is no Picasa program ie no photos!! And I wanted to show off the grands and how cute they are. I will have to wait on that. ARGGG!!!! OK, on to more pressing matters. We are OK. The rain (over 6" in 2 days) didn't affect us, just a bit of traveling around the flooded creeks...and the constant rain. It is cooler today, but the Lord is good to us is He not? Do I have a witness? Ps 118:1 O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: because His mercy endureth for ever. Wow.
All from the bush. (My Grandmother Bergh used to say that)

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  1. Hello BFF !!!
    Gald you are back to blogland and sure hope you can put up some pic soon. Glad all that rain wasn't a problem for you. Great weather here :)
    I'm getting stuff ready for a garage sale next week... that is WORK!!! We took Kailee to the state fair on Thursday and that was fun!!!
    Aaron had his golden birthday yesterday...WOW..where did the time go!!
    Take care...
    Love you..
    Deb :)