Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter decorations

Here are 3 of the arrangements that I have picted up over the last few years. The one on top of the mirror, which is a very old mirror by the way, I got at a small but charming floral shop in a very small town west of where I live. Actually, I think the arrangement over the painting of Bete Degris is also from that shop. It is Victor, IA. If you blink on your way to Des Moines on Highway 80, you will totally miss the turn off. The bottom arrangement I have had for a number of years and use it every Christmas/winter season.
My husband had surgery 2 days before Christmas. He had his tonsils out and some other throat work done. He spent one night in the hospital and I stayed with him that night. He has done well in his recovery and has been at work this week. Have not done much in the way of sewing, but I did cut out somethings--does that count? I have to make up a couple of bags for the grands and will post them when I get them done. I will also get some photos up of "before" and "after" of our kitchen cabinets. Took off the gold and put on some dull finish knobs and handles. This a cheap (well, sorta) way of remodeling a kitchen. Hopefully there will be a before and after of the sink and faucet....all in due time, as the man of the house recovers and has time!
All from the bush
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