Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hello. I have been busy with the MFA who is home. Tomorrow she will play the piano for all of the church services and choir, special in AM and PM services and the offeratory! Boy am I glad she is home! It would be me if she were not.
Here are some new photos, the top two are soem of the things that I bought at 4 Sister's in a Cottage. Amy was not there but her charming daughter was. Amy is having a great sale so I bought these items for aaround $5 total. I would say that is a great deal. I am sure that my friend Deb would think so, too. Got to close this out for tonight.
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  1. Hi Mary-Ella,
    YES...those are great finds and will look very nice at your next Tea Party!!
    I really like the photo of you..where was that taken?
    Hope you are having a blessed Sunday.
    Deb :)