Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the new year

I trust that all had a great Christmas season. Goes fast. We took another trip down south, this time to Greenville, SC to be with Emily. We had Christmas with her and Christmas dinner with some of her friends, duck with dark cherry sauce...really yummy. On Christmas Eve, Emily played the keyboard and led a string group in Christmas singing at a Presbyterian church in Simpsonville. There were readings from Scripture inbetween the traditional Christmas songs. Emily did a great job and we are so proud of her and the talents that God has given to her.
I do not have the photos uploaded from that trip and the house decked out for Christmas, thought that hubby had done that, but will get that done soon. Here are some photos from the week before Thanksgiving when were in Atlanta. Are not these the cutest grands you have ever seen....of course, they are not your cutest-grands-you-have-ever-seen....
Oh, forgot to tell you the REAL reason we went south: Hubby picked up a white Toyota Tacoma, 2007--no rust! Drove it back to salt-n-sand country and it is a nice truck, will serve him for many years I am sure.
All from the bush

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  1. Boy are they growing up so quickly!!! I like how the dog is walking Landon!!
    Sure want it to warm up...
    Stay warm!
    Love You,
    Deb :)