Sunday, February 7, 2010

What! Feb. already?

Wow, where did January go? The MFA had another birthday, as did dear hubby. Here are some photos from our trip to South Carolina in December. The top is my tree, w/o the flash. It really did turn out very nice this year. We had a real tree, I love real trees. I suppose someday we will get a fake one. The next photo is driving back from SC, the mountains and the snow--the little bit they get. I think the next one is of dear hubby and me with his new truck, the real reason we went to SC.
Then, the communion table at church with the really nice fake pointsettia. Several people asked me where I got it and they were very suprised when I said "Michaels". The table has a sheer drap with twinkle lights underneath. You need a close source of power when you put lights on the table like that. This year (at church) I did simple and elegant. But of course.
OK since it is now Feb. , that means it is MY birthday month. And BFA came through once again remembering the event with a lovely box of goodies, including a wonderful tea cozy. Along with a small box of Abduluah's chocolates (yummy!), several altered art (at least in my mind) items and her wonderful ACT's, they go right on the 'fridge! Napkins, the tea spoon, which went up on the china cab. This year dear hubby surprised me with a party on the 4th. Since the 3rd was a Wed and we have church, we did not go out to eat. So he told me we were going out on Thurs. I was looking forward to going to eith the Red Avacado or the Linn St. Cafe. Mostly I just like the names! But, just 5 minutes before we were to "leave the house" the door bell rang and there stood 5 gals from our church. He served us pizza and cheesy bread and then Dairy Queen ice cream cake. He had 3 games, all of which were the kind that I had to guess at something about the 5 gals that came....
I did ok, and they got prizes--which he bought himself! The big gift was a gift card to a local stamping/scrapbooking shop that also offers classes. I did get another gift card to my fav coffee shop: Witt's End. All in all, I had a great birthday. The gift box from Mpls is always the most special, though (and not just 'cause you read this blog, either).
Well, this is all for today. Go worship and rest, as this is Sunday.
I have been reading Sarah Palin's book and so the scripture for this day is :Prov. 21: 1 The King's heart is in the had of the Lord, as the rivers of water: He turneth it whithersoever He will. Pray for our country.
All from the bush.

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