Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June is here

Hello.  I know that I haven't blogged for a while.  I am still having photo issues!  I will try something new and see if that works out.  If you actually see photos on the side bar, then you know it all worked and you will have to read the last post to find out what the photos are.  However, if you are lazy and don't want to do that, they are photos of our trip in May to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, UP for short.
Got some sewing done for the MFA.  She loved the Amy Butler Tunic top and fabric flower, and the fabric I chose, also Amy Butler.  The top was lined!  Who does that anymore--really good designers and couture sewers!  Not that I am any of these. 
I spent much of May sick with shingles!  All I can say is: I feel your pain!  If ever you have had this condition, it is just plain painful, and all on one side.  For me it was from mid rib-cage to knee on the left side.  Ouch!  But, PTL, it is gone.  My dental tech told me to throw away the toothbrush I was using and grab a new one, so I have done that.  Oh, MFA bought a 2006 Toyota Solaira, blue with tan top and leather, GPS,  nearly mint condition!  Hey, she is young and single.  Maybe it will be a man-magnet!  She will hate me saying this.   We are fussy, hope it attracts the right one.....
All from the bush

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  1. You KNOW that I felt your glad you are better.
    I can't help you with uploading photos...sorry!
    Looks like I'm not very helpful for a BFF!!!
    Off to watch Kailee's softball game. It's a real HOOT to see little ones "trying" to play the game.
    Love you,
    Deb :)