Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Boy, I sure hope this works. I have been having trouble posting pics! These are photos
of our trip to the UP in May. And here it is June.
I had been sick with, of all things, shingles. If anyone has had them, it is just
horrible pain and on one side only! Thankfully, it was a mild case, lasting about
4 weeks and just a lot of pain! Been busy with sewing projects and am making
2 maternity tops from my new favorite Kwick-Sew pattern and some knit that I had looming around. I made up the Amy Butler pattern and fabric, a tunic, for the MFA and she loved it! One for the Mom. Oh, the MFA has a new car: a blue Solara with tan rag top and leather seats. She called and said it was 100 degrees in Greenville on Monday (the 14th) and too hot to put the top down. This midwesterner feels so sorry for her. All it has been doing is raining!
Well, have got to go and pick berries. Our patch is so sad this year, but we do get a few.
from the bush

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