Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Good morning: It has been a short time since I blogged.  Is that a verb??  I wonder what they are teaching in college English these days.  Our language, always changing.  My dear sweet MFA spent a little over a week with us, in the north: cold, snow!  But she had a great time visiting her firneds and her parents.  She is fun to have a round and is missed.  Spent 2 days trying to get myself together after she left.  Maybe just lazy, but I forgot some things that are of import, but not neccessary.
Just sewed up an outfit for a little gal at our church who is expecting their 2nd child.  She told me that her old maternity clothes didn't fit, not that she has gained wieght, actually has lost weight!  Ah, but we know that scenerio.  So I made her 2 tops from some great knits, one from Hancock Fabrics, from a newer Kwick Sew pattern.  Then I made her a skirt as she was tired of wearing the black one all of the time.  When you know your weight is going to be different for only about 6 months, then it is hard to justify buying all kinds of new outfits.  Hey don't we do that anyway!!??   Then I have to finsih a purse for a friend, sew up some really pretty silk dupiona that I got at Hancock Fabrics.  This yardage is for a dress for Little Lilly who will be 4 in April, just before Easter.  So I have to get that made up and sent.  Then Dear Hubby wants to have a lunch bag that is insulated....sounds like another project.  With all of this on the sewing table, what am I doing here? 
All from the bush.

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  1. Hey BFF!!!
    You are busy, too!
    I have rented a larger room at HQ and am getting it ready for the sale on the all the "other" things that need to be done!!!
    Glad the snow is melting...not quick enough for me!
    Kailee will be 7 on the 15th!!!
    Miss you and love You!
    Deb :)