Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May trips

Well, I have tried 2 times to post some photos of our trip Up North.  But for some reason, Picasa would not let me do both: blog and send pics.  So, I will tell you that we had snow.  Yes, not a lot but enough to see and the day before Mother's Day.  I had a good Mom's day, spent this with my youngest sister and 2 nieces and the great niece, who is a cutie.  She will be a year old in a couple of months and has figured out that if there is a camera or cell phone near her face, smile.  I also have some photos of the great view from Brockway Mountain drive.  This 2 lane road is badly kept, but when you get to the top, wow what a view.  You can see forever!  You cannot see to Canada because of the curvature of the earth, but you can see almost to Minnesota, and for certain Isle Royal.  It was very cold and windy, cold being around 45-48 degrees.  Lake Superior had huge white caps and it was all so beautiful.
Spent some time going over family history with my cousin, who lives a stones throw from the lake and her view to the lake is beautiful, too.
Need to get off to hem a skirt for a teen from church.  She is going to get a lesson in doing this herself!  I don't go to college with kids, been there, done that.  Have a great day, by dear blooging readers.
All from the bush

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  1. Yo! Sis! Had a good time with you and Jerry when you guys were up North. Your sewing creativeness always inspires me, so keep it up, eh?!