Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thought you might like to see SNOW in May! Yes. We went to Calumet, MI for Mother's
Day weekend, and were greeted with snow on Sat. morning.
Here is a photo of the snow-in-the-woods on the way to Copper Harbor.
Next photo is of Lake Superior and the last photo of the view of the lake, looking
north (I think!) from the Brockway Mountain Drive. This road is a poorly
maintained 2 lane--I remind you, this is in Michigan, but the view is amazing.
It has been some time since I was on this drive and it is truly breath-taking.
The mountain is some 12,000 feet above sea level, or maybe more. I didn't
take a photo of the large wooden just-the-facts-board, and a little history
of the area.
Been busy with sewing projects, trying to finish up a blouse for my MFA, a pillowcase
for the granddaughter, made 2 nursing privacy "tents". They are not tents, but
a cotton double sided blanket with boning in the top and it ties around the
neck. It is a Kwik-Sew pattern.
The blouse and fab for MFA is Amy Butler.
Also, I will be making 1-2 maternity tops --NOT for me!--for a little gal from church.
I do enjoy this, plus I am working on heming a skirt for a teen from church. The teens
don't have a prom, but a fancy dinner and so get dressed up. The girls browse the
2nd hand shops for fun dresses--modesty is important, so it can be a challenge in this
show it all times.
Well, got to get to the laundry! Hey, you can check things out on the Facebook
page that I created a couple of years ago. I dropped it for a time and now I am back.
Take care, sweet readers.
All from the bush

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