Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Wow, this is the 2nd time that I will be writing this. Would I learn to "save as draft"? I
guess not. So I will try to recreate what I just wrote 2 minutes ago!
Welcome to my blog, sweet reader. Hope you are all having a wonderful day.
Just some photos of our trip to Calumet, MI for Mother's Day weekend.
The first photo is of SNOW! Might I remind you, dear reader, that this is
MAY. However, it is northern Michigan and anything can happen....and does.
The next 2 photos are of Lake Superior, the bottom one being the view from the
lonely Brockway Mountain Drive. This road is a poorly maintained--this is
Michigan, after all--a two lane road with an amazing, breath-taking view of the
landscape. At the top you are rewarded with a view of Lake Superior that reminds
you why it is named Superior. On a clear day (you can see forever....) you can see
Isle Royal, which is nearer Minnesota than Michigan.
Speaking of Isle Royal, my niece works on one of the boats that sails from
Houghton, MI to the Island during the summer. Her Grandpa would have been so
pround of her, amazed I am sure as the sailing bug bit the girl and not both boys
of my sister's family. Altho one of her boys is a sailor, too, down on the Mississippi.
Been busy with some sewing projects: an Amy Butler pattern and fab for
the MFA. Hemming a long skirt for a teen, who needs it next week! And a
pair of jeans for a tiny lady, got those done last week.
Need to make a coupld of tops for a gal @ church and just finished a couple of
nursing covers for one gal @ church and one gal on deputation.
Plus I have to get the ASG newsletter out this next week! Busy.
Well, I trust you will enjoy these photos. I will tell you it was around 45 degrees....
and windy, hence the white caps.
All from the bush.

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