Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hi, found some of the photos that I had wanted to put on the blog. These are just 2 of the
alter table decorations that I have done. One is simple, anytime. The other is
for Father's Day. This is a fishing theme. This past father's day, I did a golf theme.
Usually I change the table after the evening service. Sometimes it is hard to do the vertical as
well as the horizontal lines. As you see, no flowers for Father's Day.
Did I just lose a photo???
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  1. Morning BFF!!
    You did such a nice job with the alter decorations!!
    Sweet little dress also.
    I'm off to buy more spray paint for some projects and later to HQ to get my check..not sure how much money I made...
    I've lost pics also...be careful of the delete key!!
    Love you,
    Deb :)