Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Good morning. Here are several photos of the little dresses that I have made recently. This pattern is from a new pattern company called Portobellopixie. This dress reminds me of the dresses that were popular when I was a teen! That peasant dress! Remember?? Those dresses were mostly the same pattern and color, so today's update is fun. I usually go to the store and select a collection of fabrics from one line and then mix and match. The pattern has one other view that I will make for my lovely grand daughter soon, and then make a matching blouse as the view is much like a jumper in the fall and sun dress in the summer. The pattern is pricey ($16.00) but the sizing more than make up for that. It goes from 6 mo. to 8 years.
The top dress is a size 1 and the bottom a 3. The top went to a little girl from our church and the bottom to my lovely granddaughter.
Many of the independent patterns are more expensive than the big 4. However, they would all be expensive if it were not for the 99 cent specials at Hancock Fabrics. The Vogue patterns are very sxpensive. I also like the Burda line and you can find that at Jo-Ann Fabrics.
Today I clean as tthe MFA is going to be home for a week plus. Then we take her back south and visit with the rest of the family. Cool and rainy! Can you believe it is summer? Tomorrow it is supposed to be summer. One day a week........
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  1. Mary Ella, I just LOVE the green dress above!! I am going to have to get that pattern, but what coordinating fabrics did you use for the dress, and would you mind if I used the same fabric combination? You have such an artistic eye for fabric combos! Thanks for sharing, eh?---your sister, the one who changed her list from "10 things I'll do before I turn 50" to " 10 things I'll do before I turn 60" since I didn't get them all done!!!