Monday, July 20, 2009

threads and serger tails

Good Morning. Got back last night from my great time in Albuquerque. First time I had been there. Two words: HOT and DRY. My roomie, Suzi (a former regional rep with ASG) said I lived in a swamp and wasn't used to the dryness. Well, I don't actually think of Iowa as a swamp, but she might be on to something being the exact opposite of NM. My luggage is supposed to arrive sometime today! The perils of 3 stops! Well, I am off to chime practice and will most likely update then. No new photos, forgot the camera! But being an English Major (I belong to the Society of English Majors, listen to Garrison on Sat. nights) I should be able to write so exquisitely that you will get the picture, so to speak....later

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  1. Hello BFF!!!
    I was hoping that you would have taken some photos for us to see NM!!! Haven't been there.
    Nie photo of Em, Lilly and kitty...when are they coming?
    Amy was having a HUGE tent sale...not sure if it is still going on...
    So...what do you think about blogging??? I know that you are still a "newbee"....
    I have a new card to send you...we can't forget about our crafting! Would you like to join a small group of us that make an ATC card and swap each month?! Let me know...
    Love you!
    Deb :)