Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello, At long last a blog! My bestest friend in the whole world told me "you need to blog!" So now I am on that cyberspace-ship along with those cool gals that blog!
I plan to create a blog devoted to "the arts". One of those being photos of the displays that I do for our church. Mostly I just do the front communion table and I hope this is a help for those that do this sort of thing at their church. Mostly for the smaller church with not a great deal of room for huge and expensive displays, but pretty and budget minded. Sometimes I bring things from home and I will mention where I get all of the stuff. I will also include things that I have sewn for myself or for granddaughter, daughter and daughter-in-law.
I also belong to the American Sewing Guild and hope to have visitors from that group.
Well, I best get this posted.
Thanks for reading....I hope you can come back often.
me for Big Creek House

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